School of Barology Introduction Video


We are excited to have you here, check out our introduction video below to understand how to get started once you decide to become a member with the Melbourne Barologists School of Barology!

Video Transcript:

  • First, head to Here you’ll find links to get started.
  • If you’d like to become a member in order to access all current and future programs for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership you can do so via our website.
  • You should then receive an email confirming your membership with a password to log in.
  • You can now access our catalog of programs by logging in over at
  • As a member, you also get access to our mobile app to view your programs, chat to the community and message the Melbourne Barologists trainers directly with any membership, fitness or health questions you may have for us.
  • First, you’ll need to download the TalentLMS app onto your phone.
  • Once it’s downloaded, go into it and type in our school domain,
  • Next, type in your email address and password.
  • You’ll now have access to your online programs anytime, anywhere via the TalentLMS app.
  • To give you a practical demonstration, we’ll show you how to access and use the 12 Week Cali Complete program.
  • The 12 week program has been split into 3 parts consisting of 4 weeks each. Let’s get started with weeks 1 to 4.
  • Check out the introduction units then move onto day 1.
  • Each day starts with a checklist. This is a list of everything you’ll want to complete for that day, which includes every exercise, as well as the recommended number of sets and repetitions for each exercise. You can complete these in one session, or spread them out over the course of the day, it’s up to you.
  • Move onto the next unit for instructions on how to complete the first exercise. To assist you further, the written instructions are followed by a video example of each exercise. Work through each exercise until you’ve completed everything for that day.
  • Each exercise provides what we call progressions and regressions, or, alternatives if the exercise is too hard, or too easy.
  • Remember to warm up and warm down properly. Our Warmup program contains plenty of great exercises to help you stay safe and healthy while training.
  • Please keep in mind, you can’t purchase membership through the app. You’ll need to sign up first using your mobile phone or computer web browser then log in to the app to access all our online programs.